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Welcome, dear pet parent, to our comprehensive guide dedicated to special harnesses for our unique four-legged companions. Picture this: an accessory that can significantly improve the life of your special needs dog, offering them the support they need to lead a comfortable and joyful life.   Understanding Our Special Companions When we talk about "special needs" in dogs, it's not something to fear, rather, it's an opportunity to provide extra love, care, and understanding. These are the dogs that carry a distinctive badge of resilience, battling challenges such as: Mobility Issues: Whether due to an accident, a congenital condition, or...

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  The DUO ADAPT harness was created when our Indian Native Dog (INDog) Khushi, one day  wriggled her lithe, muscular body out of our standard harness and ran into the street.  Born and raised on the streets of New Delhi, she was incredibly nervous and skittish.  It took months of training to manage, and in that time she  escaped multiple harnesses!  She was incredibly fast and difficult to catch.  To make matters worse, her beautiful black coat made her nearly invisible at night.   Training is paramount in rehabilitating a nervous dog and it can take time. There are often unexpected...

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