Gear Evolved

DUO Gear is a family and friends run company of athletes, educators, scientists and product developers brought together by a shared love of dogs and the outdoors.
Canis familiaris has accompanied us into every facet of our lives. From the mundane to the extreme, they have helped us along the way, and their role in our lives is still expanding.
Whether they are next to us on the couch, the trail or the battlefield, dogs will faithfully join us - improving our lives at every step. It's this intimate bond that is the inspiration for DUO Gear.  Dogs and humans evolved together - it's time our gear did too.
We combine our diverse backgrounds to bring unique and innovative solutions to the specific needs of outdoor dogs and their people.  We aren't just making rope leashes and webbing harnesses.  We are solving problems observed from our time on the trail with our dogs.  From canine first aid products and wilderness rescue equipment to rugged packs and harnesses, we make gear to get you and your pup into the field with confidence.