Our Origins Story

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Humans and dogs have evolved together for thousands of years as an inseparable DUO. We figured it was time our gear evolved together also!
DUO Technical Gear was founded by Raj and Gio .  We are both designers and inventors and as California natives grew up surfing, snowboarding, climbing, hunting, racing cars, hiking and exploring everything the California weather affords.
We met at design school after both abandoning careers in science.  I (RAJ) was pursuing molecular biology and bio-informatics while Gio was in the process of completing a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  After graduating Gio worked as a product designer for a variety of companies including  Easton, where he designed sports protective gear.  I currently work in Hollywood as a concept artist for big budget films, including The Avengers, Thor, Black Panther and Westworld.  


We came together to form DUO after we noticed the only times we weren't behind the screen, was when we took our dogs out.  Pups forced us to stop working, put down the phone and get back out into the world.  We would be doing weekend hikes, climbing trips, daily walks and of course, as designers, were constantly searching out and testing new gear.  I was also consistently reading articles and books about dogs and how we co-evolved. Some believe it was our relationship with dogs that helped humans surpass the Neanderthal.

Red Pictograph cave painting on yellow rock depicting a human with a spear hunting an animal with its dogs


To this day, as we grow and change,  dogs follow us on the journey. Its an intimate love story, and DUO is an homage to this everlasting relationship.

We set out to create a line of technically innovative gear, for you and your dog.  Our human and dog gear is meant to both interact and solve problems that we constantly encountered while out with our dogs. 

We literally NEVER leaves our dogs behind. They go with us everywhere, and our brand is about our intimate relationship with dogs, the outdoors and the gear we use to interact with both!