photo credit: @dex.the.bully    I was recently asking a Dog trainer friend of mine why he doesn't use a flat collar, slip lead or prong collar in his training methodology.  I know there are all sorts of different types of training philosophies, but I loved his answer, and at its core, is one of the reasons we designed our harness. Here is what he said when I asked why he didn't use a prong collar: "They have one good purpose which is that the dog can’t escape them usually - so they make your product unnecessary. But truthfully prong and...

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duo gear -

  The DUO ADAPT harness was created when our Indian Native Dog (INDog) Khushi, one day  wriggled her lithe, muscular body out of our standard harness and ran into the street.  Born and raised on the streets of New Delhi, she was incredibly nervous and skittish.  It took months of training to manage, and in that time she  escaped multiple harnesses!  She was incredibly fast and difficult to catch.  To make matters worse, her beautiful black coat made her nearly invisible at night.   Training is paramount in rehabilitating a nervous dog and it can take time. There are often unexpected...

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