I was recently asking a Dog trainer friend of mine why he doesn't use a flat collar, slip lead or prong collar in his training methodology.  I know there are all sorts of different types of training philosophies, but I loved his answer, and at its core, is one of the reasons we designed our harness.

Here is what he said when I asked why he didn't use a prong collar:

"They have one good purpose which is that the dog can’t escape them usually - so they make your product unnecessary. But truthfully prong and choke and e collars work based on the threat of punishment and take away choice for your dog. It takes skill and patience to use harnesses. This is why I love harnesses especially to show people that even a 108 lb GSD like Duncan can be effectively “controlled” with a harness or even off leash because of our relationship that has been built with trust and positive reinforcement. Threats and pain could diminish that trust and love and I choose to never risk that for anything. I could threaten you to work with me - but I don’t think that would be good for our relationship."

Pretty well said.  I know there is not one absolute solution for every dog.  They are all unique and come with different experiences.  But, no matter what tools you use, the goal should be to  build a strong, trusting relationship between you and your pup!



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